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2018 Crab Fest, Sept 21

2018 Irish Day At the Races

August 25

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Events in Brief

The Commodore Barry Division

will be selling its famous sausage again this year the the Annapolis Irish Festival. We hope other Divisions will join us June 2nd and 3rd at the AA County Fair Grounds. Come support your Annapolis brothers. There is great entertainment and of course the Irish Sausage is the best food to buy..

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AOH History

July 21st, 2013

In the Beginning

The Protestant Reformation that swept Europe

in the 16th century was marked by Royal intrigues

over control of the Roman Church’s wealth, and

conflicts over which religion could be practiced.

Violence erupted in many countries. Elizabeth I

declared the Church of England to be the State religion, and considered Ireland part of her state. Most Irish did not agree. The Papacy launched a counter-reformation and Ireland became a battlefield between the two forces as the Irish, who embraced the Church introduced by St. Patrick, became the target of a campaign to reduce Rome’s power by converting the masses to Protestantism. The persistence with which the Irish clung to their religion drove the English to extremes in repression. Penal laws disenfranchised Irish Catholics from the political, social, and economic life of their own country, and with their religion outlawed and their clergy on the run, they became an underground society practicing their religion in secret.

June 2-3 2017

Since the Inaugural Festival in 2011, the AIF has become an Annapolis tradition, thanks to the support of the business community and the people who share our passion for the Emerald Isle and the magical Celtic traditions and music we hold so dear.

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